Western Section Division Champions 1924-1992


Champions Runners Up
Senior Section
1954-55 Bakers Sports Crockenhill
1955-56 Bakers Sports Bexley
1956-57 Crockenhill Brentstonians
1957-58 Brentstonians Callenders Athletic
1958-59 Brentstonians Mottingham
1959-60 Aylesford Paper Mills Brentstonians
1960-61 Slade Green Athletic Woolwich Polytechnic
1961-62 Swanley {Dockland Settlement
{Thames Lightermen
1962-63 R O F S A Swanley
1963-64 Aylesford Paper Mills Swanley
1964-65 Callenders Athletic Stansfeld
1965-66 Kent Police Tunnel Sports
1966-67 Kent Police Callenders Athletic
1967-68 Borough Green Kent Police
1968-69 Old Saxonians Tunnel Sports Reserves
1969-70 B O C M Stansfeld (O and B) Club
1970-71 Plum Lane Callenders Athletic
1971-72 Callenders Athletic Fisher Athletic
1972-73 Dockland Settlement Plum Lane
1973-74 Fisher Athletic Old Saxonians
1974-75 Fisher Athletic Dockland Settlement
1975-76 Old Saxonians Sutton Athletic
1976-77 Sutton Athletic Plum Lane
1977-78 Fisher Athletic Gravesend and Northfleet “A”
1978-79 Maidstone United Reserves Dartford “A”
1979-80 Samuel Montagu Old Boys Dartford “A”
1980-81 Sevenoaks Stansfeld
1981-82 Fisher Athletic Reserves Samuel Montagu Old Boys
1982-83 Sevenoaks Oakwood
1983-84 Old Saxonians Charlton Town Social
1984-85 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Otford United
1985-86 Bowater Scott Sports & Soc Stansfeld (O and B) Club
1986-87 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Samuel Montagu Old Boys
1987-88 Bearsted Stansfeld (O and B) Club
1988-89 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Edenstone
1989-90 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Lordswood
1990-91 Oakwood Stansfeld (O and B) Club
1991-92 Oakwood Edenstone
Premier Division
Commenced as Division One
1923-24 Imperial Paper Mills Bostall Athletic
1924-25 Swanley Athletic Callenders Athletic
1925-26 Foots Cray Bexley
1926-27 Lamorbey Athletic Dartford Amateurs
1927-28 Swanley Athletic V C D
1928-29 Swanley Athletic Foots Cray
1929-30 Foots Cray Bexley
1930-31 Bexley Gravesend Territorials
1931-32 Bexley Bexley Heath Town Reserves
1932-33 Swanley Gravesend United
1933-34 Swanley Royal Ulster Rifles
Renamed Premier Division
1934-35 Darenth Training Colony Royal Ulster Rifles
1935-36 Gravesend United Darenth Training Colony
1936-37 Darenth Training Colony Northfleet Amateurs
1937-38 Royal Marines Darenth Park
1938-39 Darenth Park Royal Marines
1946-47 Chatham Foots Cray Social
1947-48 Foots Cray Social Thameside Amateurs
1948-49 Thameside Amateurs Callenders Athletic
1949-50 Foots Cray Social Thameside Amateurs
1950-51 Rochester Cray Wanderers
1951-52 Thameside Amateurs Klinger’s Social
1952-53 Bakers Sports Crockenhill
1953-54 Crockenhill Bakers Sports
1954-55 Brentstonians Tanber United
1955-56 Churchfield Old Boys Brentstonians
1956-57 Mottingham Swanley
1957-58 Mottingham Swanley
1958-59 Tunnel Sports Orpington Athletic
1959-60 Beckenham Social Harland Social
1960-61 Beckenham Social Dockland Settlement
1961-62 Borough Green Stansfeld
1962-63 Stansfeld Borough Green
1963-64 Stansfeld Sidcup Rangers
1964-65 Harland Social Westerham
1965-66 Alpine United Westerham
1966-67 Alpine United Standard Kolster
1967-68 Tunnel Sports Reserves Sevenoaks Town
1968-69 Sevenoaks Town Eastcourt United
1969-70 Plum Lane Sevenoaks Social
1970-71 Sutton Athletic Brampton Villa
1971-72 Hoo Institute Plumstead Casuals
1972-73 Eastcourt United Brampton Villa
1973-74 Swanscombe United Brasted and Sundridge
1974-75 Samuel Montagu Boys Club Fisher Athletic Reserves
1975-76 Sevenoaks Town Social Littlebrook Sports
1976-77 Swanscombe Seal
1977-78 Stansfeld Brasted and Sundridge
1978-79 Invicta Plumstead Casuals
1979-80 Elliotts Social I T T Foots Cray
1980-81 Bowater Sports Charlton Town Social
1981-82 Oakwood Hospital Eccles
1982-83 Swanscombe Sutton Athletic
1983-84 Otford United West Malling Club
1984-85 V C D Athletic Bearsted
1985-86 Hawkhurst United Bearsted
1986-87 Bearsted Lordswood
1987-88 Reed International Paddock Wood Town
1988-89 Greenways Knockholt
1989-90 Eynsford Moonshot Athletic
1990-91 Aylesford Paper Mills Borough United
1991-92 Knockholt Colts 85
Division One
Commenced as Division Two
1925-26 Sydenham Wells Eltham and Well Hall
1926-27 Butler’s Wharf U G B M “A”
1927-28 Sydenham Wells U G B M “A”
1928-29 Pioneer Athletic Kidbrooke R A F
1929-30 Pioneer Athletic South Suburban Gas
1930-31 Millwall Loco Pioneer Athletic
1931-32 Millwall Loco Cray Wanderers Reserves
1932-33 Brent School Old Boys Millwall Loco
1933-34 Farnborough Dockland
Renamed Division One
1934-35 London Paper Mills “A” Erith and Belvedere Reserves
1935-36 London Paper Mills “A” Heatherdonians
1936-37 Brent School Old Boys Chislehurst Old Boys
1937-38 White Horse Callenders
1938-39 White Horse Chislehurst Old Boys
1944-45 Northumberland Heath Y C  Sidcup United
1945-46 Sidcup United Chislehurst Athletic
1946-47 Churchfields Old Boys Crockenhill
1947-48 J and E Halls Churchfields Old Boys
1948-49 Crockenhill Selina Athletic
1949-50 Brentstonians Bakers Sports
1950-51 Klingers Social Halls Social
1951-52 Upton Athletic Harland Social
1952-53 Saints Athletic V C D Athletic
1953-54 Slade Green Athletic Phoenix Sports
1954-55 Dusseks Sports Elliotts Social
1955-56 Mottingham Phoenix Sports
1956-57 Cray Social Standard Kolster
1957-58 Klingers Social Standard Kolster
1958-59 Longlands Athletic David Evans
1959-60 Greenfield Sports Royal Park
1960-61 G E C (Erith) Borough Green
1961-62 B O C M  Beckenham Social Reserves
1962-63 Tunnel Sports Reserves Westerham
1963-64 Greenfield Sports Reserves Lanbrook
1964-65 L E S S A Alpine United
1965-66 Brentstonians Reserves Eastcourt United
1966-67 Gateway Callenders Athletic Reserves
1967-68 Plumstead Casuals Sevenoaks Social
1968-69 Halstead United Plum Lane
1969-70 Sutton Athletic Brampton Villa
1970-71 Hoo Institute Royal Park
1971-72 Northcote Invicta Sevenoaks Town Reserves
1972-73 Swanscombe United Lanbrook
1973-74 Samuel Montagu Old Boys Ex Blues
1974-75 Elliotts Social Littlebrook Sports
1975-76 Seal Phoenix Sports
1976-77 Dusseks Plumstead Casuals
1977-78 Town Social Empire Paper Mills
1978-79 I T T Footscray Sevenoaks Reserves
1979-80 Bowater Sports Eccles
1980-81 Ex Blues Oakwood Hospital
1981-82 V C D Athletic Eltham Palace
1982-83 West Malling Club B C E L
1983-84 Bearsted Hawkhurst United
1984-85 Rusthall Lordswood
1985-86 Royal George Eynsford
1986-87 Paddock Wood Town Chatham Amateurs
1987-88 New Eltham Eltham Palace
1988-89 Swanscombe United Moonshot Athletic
1989-90 Westerham Borough United
1990-91 Platt United Ten Em Bee
1991-92 Wellcome (Saturday) Fleetdown United
Division Two
Commenced as Division Three
1932-33 Cray Valley Paper Mills Chislehurst United
1933-34 Sidcup Council Halfway Street Old Boys
Renamed Division Two
1934-35 Chislehurst Old Boys Brent School Old Boys Reserves
1935-36 Chislehurst Old Boys Longlands
1936-37 White Horse Longlands
1937-38 Trojans Cray Social
1938-39 White Horse Reserves Cray Social
1946-47 Clesco (Dartford) New Eltham
1951-52 Bell Invicta Brentstonians Reserves
1952-53 Slade Green Athletic Brentstonians Reserves
1953-54 Eltham Royals Brentstonians Reserves
1954-55 Mottingham Bakers Sports Reserves
1955-56 Gough Cooper Sports Slade Green Athletic Reserves
1956-57 Brentstonians Reserves Bakers Sports Reserves
1957-58 David Evans Brentstonians Reserves
1958-59 Stansfeld Greenfield Sports
1959-60 Borough Green Slade Green Athletic Reserves
1960-61 Slade Green Ath Reserves Beckenham Social Reserves
1961-62 Greenfield Sports Reserves Thames Lightermen Reserves
1962-63 Lanbrook Alpine United
1963-64 L E S S A  Eastcourt United
1964-65 Halstead Westerham Reserves
1965-66 Gateway Surdoc
1966-67 Plumstead Casuals Dartford Tec Old Boys
1967-68 Plum Lane Fisher Athletic
1968-69 Sutton Athletic Brampton Villa
1969-70 Hoo Institute V C D “A”
1970-71 Eastcourt United Reserves Plumstead Casuals Reserves
1971-72 Swanscombe United Invicta
1972-73 Ex Blues Samuel Montagu Boys Club
1973-74 Elliotts Social Littlebrook Sports
1974-75 Empire Paper Mills Seal
1975-76 Cuxton Social Dusseks
1976-77 Ex Blues Bowater Sports
1977-78 Samuel Montagu Boys Club Sevenoaks Reserves
1978-79 Eccles Edenstone
1979-80 Oakwood Hospital Eltham Palace
1980-81 AFC Eltham Lanbrook
1981-82 Winget F C  West Malling Club
1982-83 Bearsted Hawkhurst United
1983-84 Rusthall Paddock Wood
1984-85 Royal George Black Boy
1985-86 Chatham Amateurs Knockholt
1986-87 Edenbridge United St Georges (Wrotham)
1987-88 Hollingbourne Borough United
1988-89 Colts 85 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Reserves
1989-90 Ten Em Bee Chipstead
1990-91 Lordswood Reserves AFC Egerton
1991-92 Strood County The Railway (Tunbridge Wells)
Division Three
1934-35 Longlands Wilmington Sports
1935-36 Wilmington Sports Queen Mary Sports
1936-37 Old Heathians  Cray Valley
1937-38 White Horse Reserves Chelsfield Valley
1938-39 Chelsfield Valley Priory
Reserve Division
1950-51 Beckenham Reserves Brentstonians Reserves
Minor Division
1945-46 Eltham Rovers Swanley Youth Club
1946-47 Greenwich United Eltham Rovers