Kent County League Divisional Champions – 1993 to date

Champions Runners Up
Premier Division
1992-93 Sevenoaks Town Aylesford Paper Mills
1993-94 Teynham and Lynsted Greenways
1994-95 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Lordswood
1995-96 Sevenoaks Town Lydd Town
1996-97 Vickers Crayford/Dartford Athletic Milton Athletic
1997-98 Milton Athletic Rye United
1998-99 Knatchbull Rye United
1999-00 Snodland Bearsted
2000-01 Bearsted Snodland
2001-02 Bearsted Sevenoaks Town
2002-03 Sevenoaks Town Stansfeld (O and B) Club
2003-04 Crockenhill Old Roan
2004-05 Cray Valley (P M) Old Roan
2005-06 Lewisham Borough (Community) Faversham Town
2006-07 Holmesdale Bromley Green
2007-08 Norton Sports Orpington
2008-09 Hollands and Blair Fleet Leisure
2009-10 Stansfeld (O and B ) Club Hollands and Blair
2010-11 Hollands and Blair Canterbury City
2011-12 Bromley Green Stansfeld (O and B) Club
2012-13 Hildenborough Athletic Metrogas
2013-14 Metrogas Sheppey & Sheerness United
2014-15 Metrogas Stansfeld O&B
2015-16 Faversham Strike Force Seniors Kennington
Division One
2011-12 Hildenborough Athletic Metrogas
2012-13 Fleetdown United Erith 147 Sports
Division One East
1992-93 Lydd Town Tenterden and St Michaels United
1993-94 Lydd Town Bromley Green
1994-95 Milton Athletic Tenterden and St Michaels United
1995-96 Tenterden and St Michaels United Snowdown Colliery Welfare
1996-97 Rye United Bishopsbourne
1997-98 New Romney Kennington
1998-99 Kennington Sheerness East
1999-00 Norton Sports Kennington
2000-01 New Romney Kennington
2001-02 Kennington Tenterden Tigers
2002-03 Tenterden Tigers University of Kent
2003-04 Bromley Green Norton Sports
2004-05 Norton Sports Oakwood
2005-06 Hollands and Blair New Romney
2006-07 Tyler Hill Oakwood
2007-08 Bly Spartans A F C Sheppey
2008-09 Canterbury City A F C Sheppey
2009-10 Woodstock Park Bromley Green
2010-11 Bromley Green A P M
2013-14 Guru Nanak Borden Village
2014-15 Faversham Strike Force Seniors Kennington
2015-16 Lydd Town Reserves New Romney
Division One West
1992-93 Ex Blues Ten Em Bee
1993-94 Ten Em Bee Ex Blues
1994-95 A F C Egerton Ex Blues
1995-96 Ex Blues Bearsted
1996-97 Bearsted Beauwater
1997-98 Snodland Ten Em Bee / Elms
1998-99 Maidstone United Beauwater
1999-00 Phoenix Sports Beauwater
2000-01 Crockenhill Wickham Park
2001-02 Old Roan Oakwood
2002-03 Cray Valley (P M ) A F C Blackheath
2003-04 Lewisham Borough (Comunity) Bly Spartans
2004-05 Rusthall Orpington
2005-06 Holmesdale Orpington
2006-07 Orpington Bly Spartans
2007-08 Phoenix Sports Stansfeld ( O and B) Club
2008-09 Tonbridge Invicta Sutton Athletic
2009-10 Bridon Ropes Charlton Athletic Community
2010-11 Farnborough Old Boys Guild Eltham Palace
2013-14 Holland Sports Peckham Town
2014-15 Halstead United Peckham Town
2015-16 Farnborough Old Boys Guild Peckham Town
Division Two East
1992-93 New Romney Reserves Walmer Rovers
1993-94 Lydd Town Reserves Bishopsbourne
1994-95 Royal George (Folkestone) Bond Sports
1995-96 Broomfield United Reserves Iden
1996-97 Broomfield United Reserves Walmer Rovers
1997-98 Rye United Reserves Sheerness East
1998-99 Wittersham Knatchbull Reserves
1999-00 Smarden Lydd Town Reserves
2000-01 New Romney Reserves Betteshanger Welfare
2001-02 Dover Gate Bliby
2002-03 Tyler Hill Woodstock Park
2003-04 Borden Village Sheppey United
2004-05 Hollands and Blair Uniflo
2005-06 Staplehurst and Monarchs United Ashford Borough
2006-07 Guru Nanak Sutton Athletic
2007-08 Canterbury City Otford United
2008-09 Premier Woodstock Park
2009-10 Bredhurst Juniors A F C Sevenoaks
2010-11 Saga Sports and Social Lydd Town
2011-12 Malgo N K Aces
2012-13 Sevenoaks Borden Village
2013-14 East Kent College Faversham Strike Force
2014-15 Lydd Town Reserves A.P.M. Contrast Reserves
2015-16 Kings Hill Rolvenden
Division Two West
1992-93 Strood County Platt United
1993-94 Sutton Athletic Eynsford
1994-95 Maidstone Invicta Swanscombe United
1995-96 Snodland Paddock Wood Town
1996-97 Otford United Hawkenbury
1997-98 Wickham Park Moonshot Athletic
1998-99 St Georges (Wrotham) Fleetdown United
1999-00 A F C Blackheath Pembury
2000-01 Oakwood Eynsford
2001-02 Belvedere Bly Spartans
2002-03 Bromleians Sports Halls
2003-04 Orpington Larkfield and New Hythe Wanderers
2004-05 Phoenix Sports Samuel Montagu Youth Club
2005-06 Westerham Bridon Ropes
2006-07 Tudor Sports Tonbridge Invicta
2007-08 Farnborough Old Boys Guild Hawkhurst United
2008-09 Old Bexleians Charlton Athletic Community
2009-10 Forest Hill Park Eltham Palace
2010-11 Hildenborough Athletic  Fleetdown United
2011-12 Bexleians Erith 147 Sports
2012-13 Peckham Town Long Lane
2013-14 Phoenix Sports Reserves Halstead United
2014-15 Stansfeld O&B Reserves FC Elmstead
2015-16 Lewisham Athletic Club Langley
Division Three East
2013-14 Hawkinge Town South Darenth
2014-15 Kings Hill East Kent College Reserves
2015-16 Willesborough Athletic Cuxton 91
Division Three West
1992-93 Empire Sherwood Park Community Assoc
1993-94 Tonbridge Rangers Swanscombe United
1994-95 Halstead Snodland
1995-96 Hawkenbury Farnborough Old Boys Guild
1996-97 Wickham Park Leaves Green
1997-98 St Georges (Wrotham) Guru Nanak
1998-99 Pembury Mastercolour
1999-00 Belvedere Larkfield and New Hythe Wanderers
2000-01 Danson Athletic Bly Spartans
2001-02 Farnborough Old Boys Guild Halls
2002-03 Lanes End Samuel Montagu Youth Club
2003-04 Guru Nanak Putlands Athletic
2013-14 Stansfeld O&B Club Reserves FC Elmstead
2014-15 Johnson & Phillips Metrogas Reserves
2015-16 South East Athletic Welling Park
Division Four West
1993-94 Maidstone Invicta Greenways Reserves
NRG GYM Under 21 Development League
2013-14 University of Kent Herne Bay
2014-15 Cray Wanderers Community Herne Bay
Reserve Division West
1993-94 Rusthall Aylesford Paper Mills
2004-05 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Greenways
2005-06 Westerham Greenways
2006-07 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Holmesdale
2007-08 Orpington Bromleians Sports
2008-09 Orpington Bly Spartans
2009-10 Fleetdown United Belvedere
2010-11 Phoenix Sports Fleetdown United
2011-12 Sutton Athletic Fleetdown United
2012-13 Sutton Athletic Fleetdown United
Reserve Division East
2004-05 Bearsted Otford United
2005-06 Bromley Green Bearsted
2006-07 Bearsted Kennington
2007-08 University of Kent New Romney
2008-09 Otford United New Romney
2009-10 Bearsted Canterbury City
2010-11 Bromley Green Canterbury City
2011-12 Hollands and Blair Canterbury City
2012-13 Hollands and Blair Lydd Town
Reserve Division One West
1992-93 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Otford United
1994-95 Lordswood Sevenoaks Town
1995-96 Lordswood Sevenoaks Town
1996-97 A F C Egerton Stansfeld (O and B) Club
1997-98 Vickers Crayford/ Dartford Athletic Ex Blues
1998-99 Vickers Crayford/ Dartford Athletic Stansfeld (O and B) Club
1999-00 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Otford United
2000-01 Stansfeld (O and B) Club Bearsted
2001-02 Sevenoaks Town Bearsted
2002-03 Sevenoaks Town Greenways
2003-04 Bearsted Stansfeld (O and B) Club
Reserve Division Two West
1992-93 Greenways Westerham
1993-94 No competition
1994-95 Platt United Eynsford
1995-96 Bearsted Eynsford
1996-97 Phoenix Sports  Borough United
1997-98 Wickham Park Chislehurst
1998-99 Otford United Oakwood
1999-00 Oakwood Fleetdown United
2000-01 Fleetdown United Borough United
2001-02 Holmesdale Eynsford
2002-03 Aylesford Paper Mills Halls
2003-04 Belvedere Orpington