Guide to Marking Referees

The mark awarded by a club must be based on the referee’s overall performance. It is most important 
that the mark is awarded fairly and not based upon isolated incidents or previous games. The referee’s performance should be determined by the table below which should act as a guide for the overall mark which should fall within the mark range for each standard of performance.
Mark Range Comment


The referee was extremely accurate in decision making and very successfully 
controlled the game using management and communication skills to create an 
environment of fair play, adding real value to the game. 
81-90  The referee was very accurate in decision making and successfully controlled the 
game using management and communication skills to create an environment of 
fair play. 
71-80  The referee was accurate In decision making and controlled the game well, 
communicating with the players, making a positive contribution towards fair play. 
61-70 The referee was reasonably accurate in decision making, controlled the game quite 
well and communicated with players, establishing a reasonable degree of fair play. 
51-60  The referee had some shortcomings in the level of accuracy of decision making 
and control, with only limited success in communicating with the players resulting 
in variable fair play. 
and below 
The referee had significant shortcomings in the level of accuracy of decision making 
and control with poor communication with the players which resulted in low levels of 
fair play. 
Notes• Using a scale of up to 100 allows greater flexibility for clubs to distinguish between different refereeing performances more accurately.

• A mark within each range can be given to reflect the referee’s performance e.g. a mark of 79 is somewhat better than a mark of 71.

A mark between 71-80 represents the standard of refereeing expected.

• When a mark of 60 or less is awarded, an explanation must be provided to the League or Competition be completing the appropriate box on the marking form. It must include comments which could help improve the referee’s future performances. Even when a referee has significant shortcomings there will have been some positive aspects which should be given credit; extremely low marks (below 20) should be very rare. 


Please tick
appropriate box
_Disappointing_ _Reasonable_ _____Good_____ _Excellent_
a) Overall control
b) Overall decision making_____
c) Communication and
player management
If any area is marked “disappointing” or the mark awarded is 60 or less, detailed, constructive comments which could help improve the referee’s future performances are required.