Eastern Section Division Champions 1924 to 1992


Champions  Runners Up
Senior Section
1923-24 Dover United Southern Railway Mechanical Institute
East Kent Amateur League
1923-24 Northdown Grenville
1924-25 Grenville Northdown
Senior Division
1984-85 New Romney Tenterden and St Michaels
1985-86 Sturry New Romney
1986-87 New Romney University of Kent
1987-88 New Romney Lydd
1988-89 New Romney Lydd
1989-90 Lydd New Romney
1990-91 Lydd Woodnesborough
1991-92 Lydd Phoenix Rovers
Premier Division
1962-63 Dover Wanderers Folkestone “A”
1963-64 Dover Wanderers  Sandwich
1964-65 Dover Wanderers Martin Walter
1965-66 Brett Sports Dover Wanderers
1966-67 Dover Wanderers Brett Sports
1967-68 Sandwich Town  Dover Wanderers
1968-69 Northcliffe Sandwich
1969-70 Lydd Crabble Athletic
1970-71 Lydd Birchington
1971-72 Ashford Dynamo Lydd
1972-73 Ashford Dynamo New Romney
1973-74 Hythe Town Ashford Dynamo
1974-75 Hythe Town Ashford Dynamo
1975-76 Hythe Town Dymchurch
1976-77 Northcliffe & Dormobile Hythe Town
1977-78 Northcliffe & Dormobile New Romney
1978-79 Folkestone Invicta Ashford Dynamo
1979-80 New Romney Lydd
1980-81 New Romney Ashford Dynamo
1981-82 Ashford Dynamo Bromley Green
1982-83 New Romney Bromley Green
1983-84 Bromley Green New Romney
1984-85 Lydd North Deal United
1985-86 Wittersham Eastry
1986-87 Walmer Rovers Cheriton Athletic
1987-88 Walmer Rye United
1988-89 Phoenix Rovers New Romney Reserves
1989-90 Kennington Teynham and Lynsted
1990-91 Hythe Town Reserves Lydd Town Reserves
1991-92 Broomfield United Headcorn
Division One
1928-29 Depot Royal Marines Deal Chislet Colliery
1929-30 3rd Carabiniers (Canterbury) No. 9 (B) R A F
1930-31 Betteshanger Colliery Depot Royal Marines
1931-32 Ashford “A” Ramsgate St Lukes
1932-33 R A F Manston Ramsgate St Lukes
1933-34 Chartham Mental Hospital Chislet Colliery
1934-35 Grenville Ramsgate Canterbury Amateurs
1935-36 Dover Deal Town
1936-37 Dover Grenville Ramsgate
1937-38 Dover Prince of Wales Volunteers
1938-39 R A F Manston Chartham Mental Hospital
1939-40 North Bobby’s Athletic Club Brett Sports
South Eythorne Sports Betteshanger Colliery Welfare
Championship No result of Play off found
1945-46 East H M S Robertson Deal Town
West 4th Coast Training Regt Folkestone Reserves
Championship H M S Robertson 4th Coast Training Regiment
1946-47 North Brett Sports Margate Reserves
South Folkestone Town Reserves Folkestone United
Championship Brett Sports 3 2 Folkestone Town Reserves
1947-48 North Chislet Colliery Welfare Birchington
South 47 Coast Training Regt Depot Royal Marines Deal
Championship Chislet Colliery Welfare 6 1 47 Coast Training Regt 
1948-49 Royal Marines Deal S R Dover
1949-50 Royal Marines Deal Birchington
1950-51 Cheriton Royal Marines Deal
1951-52 Cheriton Sandwich
1952-53 Royal Marines Deal Cheriton
1953-54 Chislet Colliery Welfare East Margate Rovers
1954-55 Birchington Herne Bay Reserves
1955-56 Cheriton River Sports
1956-57 Birchington Cheriton
1957-58 Birchington Chislet Colliery Welfare
1958-59 Birchington Cheriton
1959-60 North Birchington Whitstable Reserves
South Dover Wanderers Tilmanstone Colliery Welfare
Championship Birchington   3 1 Dover Wanderers   
1960-61 Whitstable Town Hythe Albion
1961-62 Dover Wanderers Birchington
1962-63 Tilmanstone Colliery Wel Westgate
1963-64 Waverley  Royal Marines Deal
1964-65 George Stone Lydd
1965-66 New Romney Deal Town “A”
1966-67 Hythe Albion Dover Wanderers Reserves
1967-68 Dover Wanderers Reserves  Chislet Colliery Welfare
1968-69 Crabble Athletic Creteway
1969-70 Folkestone Invicta Loyals
1970-71 Ashford Dynamo Hammers
1971-72 Hythe Town New Romney
1972-73 Deal Town Reserves North Deal United
1973-74 Dymchurch Hythe Town Reserves
1974-75 Aylesham United Hythe Town Reserves
1975-76 Brett Waverley        Singleton
1976-77 Walmer Rovers Folkestone Invicta
1977-78 Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Crabble Athletic
1978-79 Whitstable Old Boys  Walmer F C 
1979-80 Sturry North Deal United
1980-81 Bromley Green Walmer Rovers
1981-82 Thanet United Reserves St Margarets
1982-83 Hamstreet Ramsgate Reserves
1983-84 Rank, Hovis McDougall  Eastry
1984-85 New Romney Reserves Ramsgate Reserves
Division Two
1934-35 St Paul’s Old Boys R A F Manston Reserves
1935-36 St Paul’s Old Boys Eythorne
1936-37 Hythe Eythorne
1937-38 Hythe Birchington
1938-39 Bekesbourne Brett Sports
1960-61 Royal Marines Deal Chislet Colliery Welfare
1961-62 Eastry New Romney
1962-63 Broomfield United Advance United 
1963-64 Folkestone Pegasus  London Road
1964-65 Deal “A”   Royal Marines Deal Reserves
1965-66 Dover Wanderers Reserves Cheriton
1966-67 Dymchurch Broomfield United
1967-68 Crabble Ath Creteway
1968-69 Royal Marines Deal Advance United
1969-70 Hammers  Westgate Reserves
1970-71 North Deal United St Peters Old Boys
1971-72 Betteshanger Colliery Welfare  Whitehall Wanderers
1972-73 Dymchurch Ashford Dynamo Reserves
No Competition
1977-78 Margate Res Sturry
1978-79 St Margarets Christ Church College
1979-80 Bromley Green  Hamstreet
1980-81 Margate Reserves Dover Wanderers
1981-82 Ramsgate Reserves Nonington Old Boys
1982-83 Rank, Hovis McDougall Eastry
1983-84 University of Kent Tenterden and St Michaels