Barry Bundock West Kent Challenge Shield – Cup Draws 2019-20


Sponsored by NRG GYM


Holders:   Parkwood Rangers


First Round   –  To be played on or before 28th September 2019 

Match 1:   Metrogas Reserves          v              Bexley Reserves  

Match 2:   Bromleians Reserves      v              Drummond Athletic           

Match 3:   Equinnocial                      v              AFC Lewisham

Match 4:   Orpington                         v              Meridian Sports FC

Match 5:   Dulwich Village                v              Greenways Aces

Match 6:  Johnson & Phillips           v              Parkwood Rangers

Match 7:  Halstead Utd                      v              Danson Sports

Match 8:  Long Lane                           v              Peckham Town Reserves  

Match 9:  Sporting Club Thamesmead Reserves             v              Farnborough OBG Reserves


Byes: South East Athletic Reserves,   Crayford Arrows,   Fleetdown Utd Reserves,   Stansfeld OB Club Reserves,   Welling Town Reserves,    Bridon Ropes Reserves,   Tudor Sports Reserves.


 Second Round :  To be played on or before 9th November 2019

Match 10: Winners of Match 4           v              Tudor Sports Reserves                      

Match 11:  Winners of Match 3           v              Bridon Ropes Reserves

Match 12:  Stansfeld OB Club Reserves     v              Winners of Match 6

Match 13:  Welling Town Reserves            v              Winners of Match 8

Match 14:  Winners of Match 9          v              Winners of Match 5

Match 15:  Winners of Match 2           v              Winners of Match 1

Match 16:  Winners of Match 7           v              Fleetdown Utd Reserves

Match 17:  Crayford Arrows                 v              South East Athletic Reserves


Quarter Final  – To be played on or before 8th February 2020 

Match 18:   Winners of Match 12          v              Winners of Match 15

Match 19:   Winners of Match 13          v              Winners of Match 16

Match 20:  Winners of Match 10          v              Winners of Match 11

Match 21:   Winners of Match 14          v              Winners of Match 17


Semi – Finals   –   To be played on or before 14th March 2020                                                                                                                                                    

Match 22:  Winners of Match 21        v              Winners of Match 19

Match 23:  Winners of Match 20        v              Winners of Match 18


FINAL TIE – Venue & Date to be confirmed                                                                          

Match 24:   Winners of Match 22        v              Winners of Match 23